This FAQ is intended to give answers to general questions about the game. If you think of one or more questions that should be in here, then please mail the webmaster or post something in the forum.


The MotoGPREM Team


1. What is a brainstormgroup?
Answer: Sometimes new ideas for the game are discussed in the forum. If the idea appears to be fruitful for the game a brainstorm group (BSG) may take over the discussion, work out the idea in more detail and give advise to Sergi on whether or not it is a useful idea for the game.

2. How can I join a BSG?
Answer: The 3 to 6 members of a BSG are usually those who are most active during a particular discussion. They are invited by the chairman to join a BSG.


3. What kind of setup do I have to foresee for brakes?
Answer: You can trim your brake balance back or forward. Depending on the circuit shape your pilot will advise you in the practice and warm-up lap of the adjustment to be done. Set brake balance more to front means set value higher.


4. I think I found a bug in the game. What should I do?
Answer: Report it in the forum, and/or to Sergi, otherwise youíll might get punished (e.g. moto level reset to 1, money reset to $0), . You can find his email address at the bottom of the webpage.


5. What's the purpose of the chief mechanic?
Answer: A chief mechanic will reduce repair costs. It will reduce also the pit time and solve problems.

6. Can I contract a chief mechanic if Iím in G3 or G4?
No, Chief Mechanics are only available in G2 and G1. The gain in cost of repair will not cover their salary in lower divisions.


7. What is the function of the chairman?
Answer: The chairman is the intermediary between managers and Sergi, the creator of MGPREM. The chairman is the one who co-ordinates the BSG's.


8. What does mean the big red R behind the name of a pilot?
Answer: ĎRí stands for retiring. This means that the Driver has decided to end his carrier at the end of the season. You can still offer him a renewal for some races but the contract will end with the season. He will not continue with the team manager who contracted him. He will not be available on the driverís market next season.

9. What happen if I got qualified with a Driver that will no longer be mine when the race starts?
Answer: You keep your time, you can even continue next qualification or warm-up with the new Driver

10. How can you know how much salary you will have to pay your driver when you want to renew his contract?
Answer: Half will be paid immediately as fee, the other half will be divided by the number of races in the contract and added to the current salary. The pay rise starts when the old contract stops.

11. What happens if you offer a contract to two different drivers at the same time?
Answer: The driver with higher rating will make his decision first. If the higher rating driver refuses, the lower rating driver will then decide whether he will accept or not.

12. My driver is retiring. Can I still offer him a new contract?
Answer: The drivers retiring still accept contract renewal but they will leave after the end of the Season.

13. How to fire my driver?
Answer: You can fire your driver by hiring a new driver. But you'll have to pay a compensation of half of the total salary that you'll have to pay him until the end of his current contract.

14. My driver has 2 races left in the contract. If I offer him a renewal now (10 races), will he have 12 races left then or 10?
Answer: 12, he will first continue his old contract for the remaining 2 races (with old salary), and then start new contract for new salary.

15. I offered a renewal of the contract to my driver, but I also made a bid to a new driver. When the new driver accepts my offer, how much compensation do I have to pay to my old driver?
Answer: You donít pay nothing more, you already paid a lot for the renewal of the driver.


16. What kind of setup do I have to foresee for engine?
Answer: You can trim your engine balance to prefer low revs or high revs. Depending on the circuit shape your pilot will advise you in the practice and warm-up lap of the adjustment to be done.


17. What is MGPFun?
Answer: MGPFun is separate game of MotoGPREM. Look for more details in the rules and help of MGPFun.

18. Do I need to play MGPFun together with MGPREM?
Answer: No, you don't

19. When do I get the money I earned through MGPFun?
Answer: You no longer receive money for MGPREM, from MGPFun.


20. How much fuel do I need for the race?
Answer: You need between 0,5 to 2 L per lap, depending on the circuit. Take note of your strategy and the race analysis and you can figure out rough fuel consumption.


21. What kind of setup do I have to foresee for gear?
Answer: You can trim your gear to suit traction out of corners or to achieve high speed at straights. Depending on the circuit shape your pilot will advise you in the practice and warm-up lap of the adjustment to be done. If the driver wants more power on straights set value higher.


22. What happens if I run out of money?
Answer: You get a negative balance. In the standing, if you finish a race in negative a capital red N will appear the end of your name. Indicating to the other managers that you have a negative balance.

23. Do I have any kind of limitation if I have a negative balance?
Answer: Yes:
- You cannot propose a new contract to either a driver or a chief mechanic. - You cannot renew a new contract of the current driver (when less then $-15.000.000). - You cannot train your driver.
- You cannot propose or join a team with another manager.

24. Does the importance of the debt matter for restrictions on the game?
Answer: Yes. Between $ Ė1 up to $-14,999,999 you cannot repair more than 30 % of your part usage per race. From $ -15,000,000 your drivers morale drops down to zero, you cannot repair you part usage at all; you can run only one qualifying lap.

25. Is there any limit at the negative balance?
No, but if you end the season with a negative balance, you will be relegated or not promoted.

26. What happens if I end the season with a negative balance?
- Managers that end the season in the Top 5 of one of the G2, G3 or G4 groups with a negative amount will not get promoted and the next manager in the standings will.
- Managers that end the season in the top 25 of the G1 group with a negative amount will be relegated to one of the G2 groups and best manager in the last 15 of the G1 group will stay in G1. Expect the Champ that will loose his title.
- Managers that end the season in the top between place 6 and 25 in one of the G2 (or G3) groups with a negative amount with a negative amount will be relegated to one of the G3 (of G4) groups.

27. Can I start the season with a negative balance?
No. In case the Manager ends the season with a negative balance, he will have his moto parts sold automatically, until he gets a positive amount of money. The selling price will be half the buying price. The first parts to be sold will be the most expensive ones.

28. Do you get any money (for "position in race") if you crashed?
Answer: You get the money corresponding to the position where you finished. As an example if you finish 20th (crashing) then you'll earn the money for that position, even if the Manager in the 21st position didn't crash.

29. Do I get money transferred from F1TM, betting game and the MGPFun?
Answer: No games give money to MGPREM anymore.

30. What do the motos mean at the money page of my groups?
Answer: It is a reflection of the level of the moto parts of the managers. P.e. two moto means that a manager has a mean moto level between 2 and 3.


31. How do I plan my pit stop?
You have to calculate how much fuel the moto uses per Km and then calculate how much fuel per lap is needed. And keep in mind how long a tyre will last and then ... well it's logical :)

32. How long does a pit stop last?
The time to pit depends on how much fuel your team will have to fill in your tank, plus the in and out time from the pit lane. Note: If you have a Chief Mechanic your pitstop times will be decreased depending on his Pitstop skill.


33. Why do I only get 3 remarks on my setup?
Answer: The drivers are not very good in feedback :)

34. I have trouble getting the best setup. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: Setting up the moto can be difficult at first. A few tips: First of all see what type of circuit it is, and adjust roughly the setup accordingly. For instance, if it is a high downforce circuit, set suspensions higher. Also, take note of your setups through the season. Next season you can maybe use this info. Driver, weather conditions and maybe other things may have an influence on the setup.

35. Do I have to repair before I start practice laps?
Answer: No, you don't. You can also repair in between practice laps, or even not repair at all.
Note: Be aware that you can only repair once!

36. When do I make the choice of tyres?
Answer: You are asked to make your choice of tires for qualifying and the race, just before you start your first qualifying lap.


37.Will the tyres I use in qualifying affect my race?
Answer: Yes, you will use these tyres for the race as well, so the type of tyre will affect how long you can go before stopping for tyres, obviously the softer the tyre type the less time they last.

38.What does the risk mean?
Answer: The more risk you take, the faster your lap time could be, but by risking more, there is more chance of your driver making a mistake, making your lap time slower.

39.What is the 107% time?
Answer: This is the time you must be faster than to qualify for the race, unless you are in G4 where there is no 107% time.

40. The qualifying is wet, but the race is dry, will I have to race on rain tyres?
Answer: No, when you drive your first lap, it will ask you to select a dry tyre compound for the race.


41. What does it mean when my tyres leave a trail on the track?
The tyre trails mean that your driver has made a mistake, for example he might have spun, collided with another moto, gone off the track... he loses time on that lap.

42. What does it mean when my moto has a trail of smoke behind the moto?
Your moto has a technical problem of some sort.


43. How many upgrades or repair can I make?
You can repair/upgrade your moto just one time per race. You have first to decide select part by part if you upgrade, buy same or downgrade, if you repair and how many percent you want to repair. Then hit the button. When the button is hit the repair and upgrade is no longer available up to beginning of next race.

44.How do I repair or upgrade a part?
Answer: Next to each part name you have got 3 boxes. The first one is used to upgrade or downgrade the part just click the part level you want. The second one is used to the useage, or damage to your parts. The third one is where you specify the number of repair points you wish to use. You have 180 repair points per race, so you must select the percent you wish to repair, and multiply this by the cost to repair 1% of the level that your part is. Note: i.e. With no CM, its costs 2 repair points to repair 1% of a level 4 part. SO if the level 4 part has 20% damage and you want to repair all 20% ? 20*2=40 repair points. IF you have a CM, the number of repair points could be a decimal number i.e. 30.12 in this case ALWAYS round the number UP. So 30.12 = 31 repair points

45.Do I need to repair before practice?
Answer: No, you don't. You can also repair in between practice laps.

46. Do I need to repair my moto completely?
Answer: No, you don't have to. But you have a higher risk of dropping out of the race when you have a more used moto. Also, your moto is less competitive.

47.What is the advantage of downgrading a part?
Answer: The part is reduced in damage, and cost less repair points per percent to repair. You will be able to downgrade AND repair the same part.

48. Can I downgrade and repair at the same time?
Answer:Yes, you will be able to.


49. I have trouble getting the right setup. What should I do?
Answer: Here are some rough guidelines you can use. Circuit characteristics can give you some info. If it is a high downforce circuit, expect suspensions to be set steep. Weather conditions also influence setup.
Obviously, in rainy conditions suspensions are usually set stepper. Other parts need a different setup too. Lesser differences in weather conditions also require changes in the setup.
Different drivers require different setup.
And even with an almost perfect setup, you can be competitive, so don't freak out when you could not get the best setup.
It is wise to take note of your setup of each race. This may come in handy next season.
If you are a newby and don't have any clue where to start with the setup, start in the middle of the range of what the value can be, in this case 50. The driver's feedback will inform you to set the value higher or lower. P.e. it should be higher, what next value should I choose? Again, the middle of the range of what the value can be. If you do this repeatedly you will get most parts at its best setup. And in given time you will get better at this.


50. Why after few races still my sponsor negotiation hasnít started yet?
You have to distribute the hours every race

51. How do I know how much money I will get from a sponsor?
Against each sponsor name there is 1 or more dollar sign. More $ means more money, more money means more hours to convince the sponsor. Once you have reached 30% of the negotiation the sponsor will reveal the amount you will get if you reach 100% of the negotiation.

52. How do I know how far the percent of the sponsor negotiation is?
Near by the sponsor name there is a blue progression bar, by holding your mouse pointer on the bar the negotiation percentage will appear.

53. Will my current sponsors be transferred to the next season?
No, only closed Sponsors Deals will be transferred for next Season. If you fail to close any deal (a part from the Tyre Sponsor Deal), you'll have your current Team Sponsor Money carried out to next Season.

54. Will I have a default sponsor if I fail to negotiate any sponsors' contracts?
Yes, if you fail to negotiate any sponsors' contract, you'll get your last Team Sponsor. Important: You will only have the default Team Sponsor, if you never negotiated any sponsor (a part from the tyres sponsor);

55.I have negotiated a new deal with a sponsor. Why does is not show up in the box of sponsors at the top of the page? Answer: Because those are your current sponsors for this season and your new deal is for next season. Next season your new deals will show up at the top of the page


56. What means Stamina and how it affects the driver performance?
Itís a measure of is endurance in races. Stamina will affect your driver performances in race.

57. Can I improve the stamina of my pilot?
The stamina is the only driverís parameter that cannot be improved.


58. What kind of setup do I have to foresee for suspension?

Answer: You can trim your suspension to be more rigid or to be softer. Depending on the circuit shape your driver will advise you in the practice and warm-up lap of the adjustment to be done. Set suspension more rigid means set value higher.


59. How do I form a team?
Answer: Go to 'Current Team-mates Available' and propose to someone to make a team with you. Mind you, each offer costs you $3.000.000!

60. When do I pay $3.000.000 for forming a team?
Answer: Each offer to another manager costs you $3.000.000, so better be sure the other managers want to be a teammate. If you are not sure, use the private mailbox to communicate with those managers about forming a team first.

61.Do I $3.000.000 each season?
Answer: No, only once, when you offer to form a team.

62.How do I cancel a team?
Answer: Press 'cancel team' button under Team info.

63. What are the benefits of a team?
Answer: The points you both earn you also earn as a team. At the end of the season you get money for teampoints (transferred at the beginning of the new season). Also may choose to co-operate in a certain way with your teammate.


64. What is the point of testing?
Answer: For you to experiment with setup, fuel and drivers where the circuit itself is the same so you can see the difference weather condition make easier. Or you could use testing to see your speed against friends.


65. What tyre do I choose?
Answer: You should choose the tyre which gives you the best trade-off between speed in qualifying, speed in the race, and tyre wear during the race. Knowledge about tyres' speed and wear you can get through testing and through experimenting during races.

66. Are extra soft tyres always the quickest?
Answer: Yes, however this has to be weighed up against increase tyre wear for the race.

67. What does affect the speed and wear of tyres?
Answer: Weather conditions.

68. Do I get money from my tyre sponsor?
Answer: No, it is just a supplier. And the more O's in front of the supplier, the better the tyre.


69. How do I upgrade my moto?
Answer: At the repair page you can also buy a new level of a part. If you buy a higher level of a part you are upgrading your moto. If you buy a new part there is no need to repair that part also. A higher level part is more expensive to buy and also to repair. You do not need to replace all parts at once. Also it is not required to have all parts of the same level.


70. Does weather conditions have any effect. If yes what?
Setup, tyres, strategy, lap times, fuel consumption, race result Ö


71.Why do I need to do warm up?
Answer: Warm up is used to find the best possible setup for the race, and to test different fuel levels. As a hint, the warm up best possible setup is not usually too different from the qualifying setup, but watch out for damage.

72. My moto is very slow compared to other in warm up, why is this?
Answer: Its possible other managers used very little fuel to make their times faster

73. Why can I only select 1 type of tyre as well as my rain tyres?
Answer: Because you have already selected your tyre for the race during qualifying.


74. What values should I expect for the suspensions?
Answer: Check the downforce level of the circuit. A high downforce circuit will need higher values for suspensions, a low downforce circuit will need lower values for suspensions. As a hint try keeping the front suspension equal to the rear suspension when trying to find the best possible setup. If the driver asks for more grip, increase the suspension, if he asks for more speed in the straights, lower the suspension values.

75. I have heard that the suspension levels do not have to be equal to eachother, is this true?
Answer: Yes, this is true, but you will have to experiment for yourself to discover how this works.