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juegos de mesa Las Mejores Novedades Diarias, Revisiones y Guias De Los Mejores Juegos IOS
(Version 1.40 - 2010/11/20)

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Season 110 - Race 13

Data Circuit Map
Downforce:  High
Body:  Medium
Overtaking:  Normal
Parts Importance:  Good Brakes and Suspension
Number of Turns:  22
Distance:  132.4 Kms
Laps:  19
Time In/Out Pits:  22s
Best Qualifying Lap: 2:34.020 B. Bazilica (Romania)
7 December 2013
Track Record: 2:35.884 S. Lopez Garcia (Catalonia)
7 December 2013

Time to next Race:  37h39m

Time to end of Qualify:  37h08m
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