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Author Topic: new season 1 reply
  Tim Kinley (G3d)
MGPREM Rookie-Licence
Posted on posted on 29/09/2017 16:50:36   Report to the moderator(s)

when the new season starts is the bike the same as it was when it finished the last season or will it need fully upgrading again?
  Andy Galica (G3a)
MGPREM Pro-Licence
Posted on posted on 01/10/2017 23:45:42   Report to the moderator(s)

Good Question Tim .

In truth I have no idea as the group system has just been changed , ie no G4 . ( except Jr ).

However ......I will presume that as it is G3 your "package" will stay the same except your money maybe ....end of season taxes rule, and maybe your driver depending on your contract?

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