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Author Topic: Great idea! 4 replies
  Armands Gravelsins (G1)
MGPREM Master-Licence
Posted on posted on 24/10/2017 18:05:16   Report to the moderator(s)

I have a great idea which could improve the game and should be easy enough to implement. All the G1 managers could take the vote on banning the SLG from the game. If at least 2/3 of the managers vote yes, SLG is banned and never races again, if at least 3/4 votes yes, Marc Sanchez gets banned as addition to SLG. What do you say guys? I think this is a wonderful idea. :)
  Sergi Sanchez Jr
Global Moderator
MGPREM Amateur-Licence

Posted on posted on 24/10/2017 19:06:41   Report to the moderator(s)

Armand i have a great idea.

Admin vote if next dumb that make a joke as you, Sergi Sanchez ban forever.

Respect is a rule i forums, dont break my patience, next time i dont make more jokes, i give you the independence of say bye bye.
  Armands Gravelsins (G1)
MGPREM Master-Licence
Posted on posted on 24/10/2017 19:21:59   Report to the moderator(s)

Which rules did I break exactly? And where these rules can be seen?
  Armands Gravelsins (G1)
MGPREM Master-Licence
Posted on posted on 24/10/2017 19:40:44   Report to the moderator(s)

And btw Sergi, did you just insult me by calling me dumb? I am fairly certain that it is against the rules.

I just made an innocent joke and I wouldn't mind if someone would make the same joke about me in case I would be the one to dominate for so long, yet you act as if I had insulted you personally, although you were mentioned nowhere in the post.

Even more, do you really think that your threats about banning me or someone else from the game frightens me? I couldn't care less.
  Valeri Vasilev (G1)
MGPREM Master-Licence
Posted on posted on 26/10/2017 06:12:20   Report to the moderator(s)

It is mater of time admins action to lead to this moment - when someone will write joke!
So this is a magic circle.
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