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Author Topic: Talk about other things 2 replies
  Sergi Sanchez
Global Moderator
MGPREM Amateur-Licence

Posted on posted on 18/11/2010 17:36:25   Report to the moderator(s)

Talk about other things, futbol, tennis, your hobbies, or other games.

But never use this forum to spam.
  Shersh Khandelwal Jr (G4za)
MGPREM Rookie-Licence
Posted on posted on 22/12/2012 16:11:56   Report to the moderator(s)

Cricket : India is looking good against england tonight :)
  Andy Galica Jr (G4h)
MGPREM Junior-Licence
Posted on posted on 02/05/2017 01:11:35   Report to the moderator(s)
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